September 11, 2016

Veteran Home Buyer Costs

Veteran Home Buyer Costs

Are you ready to use your VA home loan benefit? Avoid surprises by educating yourself on the true cost of home ownership and learn about Veteran home buyer costs. Start by budgeting for these one‑time expenses so you know just how much you can afford:

  • down payment
  • earnest money deposit.
  • closing costs.

Remember, depending on the situation, lenders may charge different amounts for closing costs and other fees. It’s a good idea to shop around with different lenders to be sure you’re getting the best deal possible, the home inspection, the VA funding fee, and of course the cost of moving.

Veteran Home Buyer Costs Include Recurring Expenses

When thinking about buying a home, you should also plan for the recurring expenses that continue long after you’ve moved in. These include the mortgage payment, homeowners’ insurance, in some cases homeowners’ or condominium association fees, any furniture and appliances you may need over the years, and utilities and maintenance.

Finally, plan on being prepared with an emergency fund. Budgeting for an emergency fund provides financial security when unplanned expenses arise like home repairs.

To find out more about VA Loans, and more about using your benefit to buy a home, visit us at VA’s home loan website.

Veteran Home Buyer Costs

From Jeff Green, REALTOR®

You served American, the VA Loan program is a way to pay you back for your service.  Not only are there professional loan officers prepared to assist you in obtaining financing, I am here to assist you in your home search through the Central Valley.  A good start is to talk to a lender and then begin search for homes right here on this site.  Getting your questions answered about the housing market as well as loan programs a key foundation to making a home purchase you will be happy with.