October 6, 2016

THE RENTER’S DILEMMA – How to transition to homeownership

Transition to Homeownership

For many renters, the prospect of purchasing a home might seem daunting, if not altogether impossible.

  • 46% of consumers rent because they cannot afford to buy
  • 62% of renters have debt that would make purchasing a home difficult, including:
    •   31% Credit cards
    •   18% Student loans
    •   14% Auto Loans

Still, renters rate homeownership 6.8 OUT OF 10 in terms of importance

In 2015 more than $50,000 in down payment assistance funding helped prospective homeowners in California.

  • 74% are direct down payment assistance programs
  • 27% have no first-time buyer requirement


InfoGraphic Posted by California Association of REALTORS® June 13, 2016

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