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How Long Will It Take To Sell My Home?

That is THE QUESTION, isn't it! There are three main factors that affect a property's time on the market: locationcondition, and price.

  1. Location is the one thing that you cannot control in the home selling process. In conjunction with condition and price, people choose a home based on the location and accessibility of the property. In many cases, homes will sell faster in desirable neighborhoods because the demand is high. Take into consideration what the demand is to live in your neighborhood. I can provide information on your and surrounding neighbourhoods to help you assess this factor.
  2. The condition of your property is also a major contributing factor to the time it will take to sell. When evaluating a home, buyers will assess the structural condition of items such as walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows. They will want plumbing and electricity to work efficiently. They will consider paint, carpets, floor coverings as well as the condition of the front and backyards, if any. If there is major damage or deterioration to any of these items, buyers will likely take this into consideration in making an offer. I can advise you on cosmetic changes you can make to your home in order to enhance its saleability.
  3. Pricing your property to sell in the current market is absolutely crucial. Obviously, the condition and location of your property should be major considerations when deciding on a price. If your home is priced too high, it will likely remain on the market longer, resulting in a lower final sales price. I can guide you on strategically pricing your property to sell within the time frame you want it to.

There are several additional factors that can affect the speed of a sale including:

  • Local supply and demand
  • Marketing
  • Closing terms

I have an aggressive marketing plan which is designed to give you the information and your property the exposure it needs to sell, including aggressively marketing your home on the Multiple Listing Service and on the Internet with a custom website and using Google Adwords and other forms of advertising.  I will contact my extensive database of buyers who have accessed my website looking for homes. Finally, I will apprise you of market conditions in your area, such as the average days on market, and help you price your home to sell. 

This information is meant as a guide. Although deemed reliable, information may not be accurate for your specific market or property type. Please consult a REALTOR® professional for more information on selling your individual property.