September 8, 2016

Should You List Your Home on the Multiple Listing Service?

Don Faught 2013 President of the California Association of REALTORS®:

Off Multiple Listing Service Listings Explained

Hi, I’m Don Faught, president of the California Association of REALTORS®.
You may have heard a real estate term that’s recently become more commonly used called an off market or a pocket listing. Simply put, an off market listing is generally understood to be a property that is marketed without the benefit of being listed for sale on the multiple listing service, also called the MLS.

The Multiple Listing Service Greatly Increases Your Home’s Exposure

Placing a listing in the MLS informs a large network of real estate agents and their buyers that the property is for sale. If you’re selling a home, not listing it on the MLS could mean fewer people seeing your listing. That could mean less competition and possibly a lower selling price for you.

If you’re buying a home, you may have fewer homes to choose from and in a market where available homes for sale are already scarce it may be that much more harder for you to find a home.

Ask your realtor about pros and cons of an off market listing.

Jeff Green REALTOR®:

When you list your home for sale with Jeff Green, you have the advantage of the benefits of his membership in the Metrolist Multiple Listing Service.  The following ares show the Metrolist territory as well as the areas in which subscribers can look, online, for your listing.

Multiple Listing Service Converage Areas

MLS Coverage Areas – Jeff Green, REALTOR®

Please contact Jeff for more information about maximum exposure of your listing.